16MP Galaxy S5 test shot still leaves ISOCELL questions unanswered

16MP Galaxy S5 test shot still leaves ISOCELL questions unanswered

Data from a photo allegedly taken by a Samsung Galaxy S5 variant has provided some clues about the device’s potential camera.

According to the usually-reliable Twitter tipster @evleaks, the uninspiring image was shot on a Samsung SM-G900V which is expected to be the Verizon variant of the upcoming Korean flagship.

This jives with information passed to SamMobile detailing the model numbers for each of the Galaxy S5 market variants.

EXIF data from the posted image shows a resolution of 5312 x 2988 and appears to confirm suspicions that the Galaxy S5 will ship with the oft-rumoured 16MP sensor.

But what about bigger or ISOCELL?

We could be in line to see a bigger camera on the upcoming handset, as the image captured is 16:9 and not the standard 4:3 that we’re used to seeing. Samsung’s wide screen photos are shot at a lower resolution, 9.6MP rather than 13 on the Galaxy S4 and 6MP, not 8 on the S4 Mini.

This would add weight to the rumour that the Galaxy S5 will in fact launch with a 20MP camera.

Questions also still remain over whether this is the ISOCELL camera lens that we keep hearing about, but since Samsung announced that its 2014/15 flagship phones will feature the technology, it seems pretty likely.

We’ll find out for sure when the Galaxy S5 officially launches, likely to be at a dedicated event in March rather than at the mobile madhouse that is MWC 2014.

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