3 Tips for WordPress Beginners for Creating a Stunning Website

WordPress is the most popular content management system out there. It appeals to beginners and even blogging experts, making it a feature-rich platform with extensive support from the developer community. This quality makes it all the more attractive to blogging wordpress beginners, because they know they have support to rely on. But first things first: the look of the website is one of those concerns that beginners should concentrate on. In order to have a stunning website, here are three tips for wordpress beginner to improve the look of their WordPress blogs:

3 Tips for WordPress Beginners for Creating an Stunning Website_01

Discover the style that you want – and be consistent with it

Before anything else, you must find out what look you would want your blog to be. Scour the Internet for design inspiration. Choose at least five WordPress blogs that suit your design preferences and list down the features that you like from each blog. Decide on the kind of layout that you want for your own blog: Do you want a two-column or a three-column layout? How many colors would you want to have? After carefully deciding on these minute details, you can finally proceed in taking care of the other design elements and combine these all together.

Choose an editable theme

The beauty with WordPress is the ability to tweak a theme without actually changing it. Child themes make it possible for you to base your own theme on an existing one’s framework. Child themes usually just change the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) of the parent theme. The CSS file allows you to change a variety of elements, from font face, size, color and even the alignment of text and photos.

Take advantage of the many plugins which do the work for you

Most wordpress beginners do not have working knowledge of PHP and MySQL, the programming languages used by WordPress. While trial and error and tutorials online can help in changing some features on your blog, it is best left to the experts because these programming languages are levels harder than that of say, HTML. This is where the wide selection of plugins created for WordPress comes into play. These plugins allow users and developers to extend the features of their WordPress blog apart from the initial ones that are included in the install. From appearance tweaks down to SEO, the 18,000 strong WordPress plugin database is a WordPress beginner’s candy store. With these plugins, there is no longer any need to tweak complicated lines of code, eliminating the possibility of creating havoc on your blog.

Creating a blog is easy, especially if you have chosen the right content management system for it. WordPress is clearly a forerunner for the right reasons. The best thing about WordPress, aside from its stability and user-friendliness, is the support system that comes with it being a widely used system for content management. Having a presentable WordPress blog is a step in the right direction. With the appearance and settings in place, all that is left to concentrate on is the content of your blog.