6-inch iPhone could arrive as early as May, iPad Pro to follow in October

6-inch iPhone could arrive as early as May, iPad Pro to follow in October

Apple’s apparently got "big plans" for 2014 and it’s looking like Tim Cook’s words should be taken quite literally.

According to Digitimes (sometimes on the money, sometimes not), Apple’s got a larger iPhone in the works – the 6-inch one we’ve already head about – and it’s scheduled for launch in May 2014. Yup, that’s just over four months away.

The same source also says that the handset will have a 20-nanometer processor built by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

If this is legit, then that release date means we’re most likely not looking at the iPhone 6 here but a new range of iPhone entirely. Sure, Apple pulled a fast one with the iPad 4, but considering this is a significantly more sizable phone it’s unlikely that it will replace the current flagship.

The same report also states that Apple will release a 12.9-inch iPad "targeting North America’s educational market" in October, which we’ll go ahead and assume is the very same iPad Pro we’ve been hearing about.

However it does conflict with the previous iPad Pro release date rumour of "sometime early next year" that we heard just a few weeks ago.

That’ll teach them

Apparently the tablet, said to be manufactured by Quanta Computer, was to have either a 12.9-inch or 13.3-inch panel – but the sources say that Apple is now more in favour of the smaller option.

Digitimes added that the "sources speculated" that, given the size, the larger iPad is "being considered as a substitute" to the 11-inch MacBook Air, meaning we could expect this to be one powerful super-sized tablet.

Again, replacing the standard iPad Air seems unlikely, so we’d expect the Pro to come in as a third product line in Apple’s iPad category.

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