After this video, is there anything left to announce on the HTC One (M8)?

After this video, is there anything left to announce on the HTC One (M8)?

Just when you thought the HTC One (M8) couldn’t be subject to any more leaks a 14-minute long video has appeared on YouTube days before its launch, seemingly revealing every last detail of the smartphone.

Posted by YouTuber Hans Meyer, the video sports a German voice over and a look round the handset appears to confirm the features we’ve seen in previous rumours including a microSD slot and headphone jack located on the rear.

Round the back the dual camera lenses feature once again, while on screen the camera app has been simplified – although there appears to be some deeper editing features in the gallery.

In focus

One feature appears to be a variable focus control, similar to the one seen on the LG G Pro 2 and Samsung Galaxy S5, allowing you to select which area of the photo you want to be in focus after you’ve actually taken it.

The Sense UI – which we expect to be Sense 6.0 – appears to been given a light makeover and it seems to include the “double tap to wake screen” feature we’ve seen on the LG G2, plus a new power-saving mode which provides a simplified UI to conserve consumption.

We’ll find out soon if the avalanche of leaks surrounding the HTC One M8 are accurate as it will be announced on March 25. We will be reporting live form the event, so stay tuned for all the latest.

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