AMD Gaming Evolved app rewards PC gamers with freebies for use

AMD Gaming Evolved app rewards PC gamers with freebies for use

Much like everything else in gaming, AMD’s latest rewards program is taking the form of an app, though it’s still very much for PC gamers instead of a casual audience.

The Windows program, dubbed the AMD Gaming Evolved app, can now be downloaded from the graphics card company and social gaming-based network Ratpr.

It doles out points and eventually prizes for using AMD Radeon and AMD APU-based hardware to complete tasks like optimizing the image quality of a game for the first time and playing any game that the client has identified.

As AMD explains, some of the points are one-time rewards, but the overall app is supposed to be a prize unto itself.

The AMD Gaming Evolved dashboard recommends optimal game settings tailored to a gamers’ rig, keeps drivers up to date and adds tools like chat and live streaming.

Johnny, tell them what they’ve won

The most notable AMD Rewards include Sapphire Radeon R9 Series GPUs, Astro gaming headsets, GameFly subscriptions, Gunnar gaming eyewear and of course free games.

In total, the company says that the AMD-exclusive store has more than $5 million (about £3 million, AU$5.5 million) worth of merchandise on hand.

AMD isn’t a stranger to offering incentives to using its hardware over its rival Nvidia. It has been running bundle programs that offer free games with graphics cards purchases.

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