Android Kitkat’s next update could fix the Nexus 5’s bluish camera tint

Android Kitkat's next update could fix the Nexus 5's bluish camera tint

Android KitKat was one of Google’s more perplexing sponsor-backed software updates that’s already gone though three revisions in the last year and soon it could be getting another tiny upgrade.

LlabTooFer tweeted that a new version of Android 4.4.3 is currently under testing. The Android ROM developer noted the new build numbered KTU72B could fix another camera bug plaguing the Nexus 5.

As Nexus 5 users might already know, Google’s handset adds a bluish tint to almost any photo taken with the camera. It’s a problem that colors almost any white light or object in a bluish tinge, which renders the camera almost useless in all situations.

The Nexus 5 has been plagued with camera issue since day one. Previously the search company has released a software update to improve the camera’s autofocus speed and slow shutter.

Slowing updates

LlabTooFer didn’t give any details on what else the update would bring for Kitkat or other devices other than the Nexus 5.

It’s unlikely that Google would release a new software update for its flagship alone especially with just one camera fix. But recently Google’s slowed down its release of Android updates since Kitkat helped propel Google’s mobile OS into maturity.

Google I/O is already set for June 25 and 26 so we could have to wait until summer time to see something truly new software updates.

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