Angry Birds Star Wars:The force is strong with Rovio!

Just when you think Rovio Games can’t ant better or creative,they do. Recently there were pictures floating around on Tumblr about a new mashup of the great classic Angry Birds with the Star Wars franchise and well, this has been confirmed by Rovio. We present to you, ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS. 

star wars

Angry Birds Star Wars will be available to download on Android and iOS on Nov. 8. For now, the Angry Birds Tumblr page lets you choose your destiny: “I’m on the Porkside” or “Rebel Without a Squawk.” Naturally, the release will come with additional goodies such as plush toys, board games and animations.

After the success of yet another game ‘Bad Piggies’ as a prequel to Angry Birds and with games like Amazing Alex becoming more and more popular-Rovio seems to be on fire and establishing a supermacy in the mobile gaming industry. For now, ‘May The Birds be with you’