Apple iWatch may launch this summer with LG’s curved OLED screen

Apple iWatch may launch this summer with LG's curved OLED screen

With rumours that Apple’s iWatch has been faced with some production setbacks, the fate of the smartwatch has been pretty up in the air.

But things could be looking up if scattershot Korean site DDaily is on the money. The outlet says that LG has landed an exclusive deal with Apple to manufacturer the watch’s displays.

These panels will be the same plastic OLED ones used in the LG G Flex – suggesting that this will be a curved display – and will measure 1.52-inches, according to the source.

The same report goes on to mention that LG will begin mass production of these screens in the third quarter of this year, with initial volume set at 2 million, meaning a summer announcement is possibly on the cards.

Watch your sources

However the DDaily report has since been pulled, which either means that someone was telling porkies – or someone was saying more than they should have been.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Apple and LG were getting cosy for the iWatch display panels. While the latest rumour should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism, the claims aren’t absurd.

We’ve contacted LG for comment, but we suspect that it won’t be giving anything away right now.

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