Apple said to be building 12.9" iPad Pro for early 2014

Apple said to be building 12.9

If you thought Apple was too predictable with the launch of the iPad Air, you might want to listen up.

Korea Times says that Apple’s "local first-tier display supplier" is building a 12.9-inch Retina display for the new iPad, which will provide an almost-UHD resolution.

Even more interesting is that the report claims the tablet will arrive "sometime early next year", with work on the screen already underway.

This allegedly comes from an unnamed official at a local Apple supplier in Korea, so remain cautious, skeptical and, above all, wary.

Not a huge surprise

Apple’s interest in a larger tablet isn’t shocking, although we’re sceptical of that early 2014 release date. That said, since Apple pushed out two versions of its flagship iPad in 2012, anything is possible.

Rumours of a larger iPad started circulating a few months ago so this isn’t the first we’ve heard. The "iPad Pro" name, meanwhile, was thrown up after Apple announced the iPad Air, which suggested it might start carry its Macbook naming system over to its tablets.

Samsung is believed to be putting out a 12.2 inch tablet early next year to ensure it too is keeping up with the trend of tablets replacing notebooks. Sounds like we’re in for a real clash of the titans.

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