Apple Stores might repair cracked iPhone 5C screens starting next week

Apple Stores might repair cracked iPhone 5C screens starting next week

Apple Stores could start repairing cracked iPhone 5C screens as soon as next week.

We first reported that Apple was rolling in machines to repair iPhone 5C phones on location last November. Now it seems the plan to start in-store repairs beginning next Monday, January 20 as multiple sources have told 9to5mac.

If a user has a shattered screen, the store could have it fixed within an hour. The process is expected to be much quicker than the old procedure of having to ship it out and taking the time to visit the Apple Store twice for drop off and pick up.

It’s a $49 (about £ 29/AUS $55) screen replacement for customers bringing in an AppleCare covered iPhone 5C. Those bringing in maimed phones without Apple’s insurance plan will have to fork over a costly $149 (about £ 90/AUS $169).

Unfortunately, the replacement of iPhone 5S screens won’t start next week.

9to5mac posits that Apple began replacing iPhone 5c screen replacements in a small number of stores for the past few months in the US. January 20’s rollout marks the full-scale operation for all Apple’s retail regions aside from Hong Kong and Canada.

All hands on deck

To help Apple employees handle the influx of cracked screens, the Cupertino company has been shipping out machines for a while now.

512pixels managed to grabbed a shot of one of the machine that have been holding up in-store repairs. There’s not a whole lot to take away from looking at it, but supposedly this piece of equipment will calibrate newly repaired screens.

Apple Stores are apparently putting all their Geniuses to work repairing phone screens on-site. As one Apple employee said to 512pixels, "we’re bringing China to the Genius Room."

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