Best Tool to Schedule Instagram Posts

I have been looking for different tools to schedule Instagram posts however none could meet my expectations. I have tried a variety of tools to schedule Instagram posts and ranked them on the basis of their ease of use, functionality, reliability and pricing.

The major problem with all the tools in the market to schedule Instagram posts was that none of them lets you completely automate the process. Since the Instagram API does not allow posts to be sent via the API, all the tools have an app which sends a push notification to the user at the specified date and time and then the user has to manually post to Instagram by clicking on the notification.

While this might be convenient for some, it turns out to be a problem for social media managers who are handling multiple Instagram accounts and need to streamline their work. If for example, a person is on vacation, does not have access to internet or is ill, he or she may not be able to post to Instagram. While this is fine for individuals who are just posting a picture of themselves sipping coffee, it may be a huge loss for businesses or companies who rely on Instagram for sales.

This is where Nimble Post comes in. I found the website through a suggestion on Linkedin where the person messaged me personally asking me to trying out this new Instagram Scheduling App. At first I thought it would be the same old thing with popups and notifications, but the guys at Nimble have coded the tool very differently to completely automate the process of posting to Instagram. Once the post has been scheduled, you can sit back and relax, maybe have a chiller beer and enjoy your day. It greatly removes human dependency and is much more reliable. It also allows you to post at any time of the day without the need of being awake to post to Instagram. All in all, this is one of the best Instagram Scheduler in the market and I highly recommend it to all social media managers, businesses as well as individuals.