Bloatware be gone! Korean phones will soon make included apps optional

Bloatware be gone! Korean phones will soon make included apps optional

"Bloatware," as it’s called, is a problem for smartphone owners everywhere. It takes up space and uses battery life and data, and more often than not it can’t be deleted.

But South Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning has ruled on new guidelines that will require smartphone makers to allow users to delete unnecessary pre-installed software.

Not all pre-installed software will be required to be deletable. A phone’s app store or app marketplace app will be required, for example.

The new rules will go into effect beginning in April.

A world without bloatware

In a Korean-language press release the ministry said the new rules will give consumers more battery life and storage space on their gadgets.

Other types of apps that will still be mandatory include apps related to NFC, Wi-Fi, and customer service.

Still, this is great news for customers whose new phones currently come with dozens of non-deletable apps pre-installed.

This could cause issues in the future with customers deleting certain apps and then having no way to re-download them later, though it will be up to phone makers to address that themselves.

Meanwhile we can hope that similar regulations make their way to other countries eventually.

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