Breaking: Motorola reveals it’s developing a smartwatch for 2015

Breaking: Motorola reveals it's developing a smartwatch for 2015

Motorola has revealed during a MWC 2014 press event that it is developing a smartwatch.

"It’s our intentiont to deliver interesting wearable technology – we are developing a watch which will be coming out next year,"R ick Osterloh, SVP product management, said at the event.

"Our main focus is that we will start to solve a real user problem in that there are no wearable products you want to wear all because they are all extremely ugly – so we want to solve the problem of making this a style item like jewelery or clothing," he continued.

"We’ll be announcing [the watch] in a few months so stay tuned but [wearable] is very interesting to us."

An Android ticker

The watch will be an Android device, said Steve Horowitz, SVP software engineering.

"I can say we are 100% focuse on Android. [The] market has spoken as to where the OS focus needs to be and we will continue with that strategy. As time posseses we will have conversation but I am very focused on Android," he said.

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