Build conference laid bare in Microsoft leak

Build conference laid bare in Microsoft leak

Microsoft "mistakenly" uploaded details of its next Build developer conference on its website today, but quickly rectified the mistake.

The erroneously uploaded flyer revealed that the conference will be returning to San Francisco between April 2-4 2014.

According to the flyer, which has now been removed, registration for the conference will be open from January next year.

Massive sleeves

Microsoft probably has quite a few tricks up its sleeve for next year’s conference. There are intriguing prospects in the recent acquisition of Nokia, as well as a Windows phone 8.1 update for early next year.

There have also been rumours that a new Surface Mini may pop up at the conference, which might debut alongside the updated operating system.

TechRadar previously reported that the launch of a Surface Mini may have been held up because Microsoft had to draft in developers to help with the Xbox One. Now that the console launch has been and gone, will it be all hands on deck for the bite-sized tablet?
  • Surface Mini may not rear its smaller frame until early next year