Business Apps for Money Management

There are a vast number of mobile applications that are meant for managing various business related issues; these business apps allow you to track your business spending, setup recurring bills and helps in running your business smoothly. Here are the top business applications for money management:

Money Book: If you are looking for a path to track your expenses and manage your budget on your smart devices, no doubt this application can help you in a better way. This application has got a very appealing user interface; the main advantage of this app is it does not ask for an internet connection. This app stores all your top expenses and income all at one place; it also presents quick statistics to determine your business financial situation. Here are a few other key features of this app:

  • Password protection
  • Customer support is free of cost
  • In built calculator
  • User has an option to select a list of currencies

Money manager: This app is one of the best transaction tracker apps; it is quite useful to manage your finances and is specially designed to optimise business management. Users can view this app by 3G or Wi-Fi support, users can find data stored according to category, date and assets. Graphs help in determining the fluctuations of the indicated asset. It allows accounting with the help of bookkeeping; also the user can even manage their budget. Here are a few other key features of this app:

  • Backup facility
  • CSV Export
  • Bookmark function
  • Asset management
  • Safely manages your account book

E*TRADE Mobile: This app is designed to access real time streaming quotes, manage multiple accounts and place trades. This app includes place trades options for stocks, mutual funds and so on. This also includes various complex trading options. Here are a few other key features of this app:

  • User can watch live CNBC videos
  • Quick cash transfer
  • User can monitor all their accounts
  • Option to set default account
  • Track the markets
  • Help in checking the status

Quosal: This application helps businesses to create proposals and allows its users to manage work flow, integrate documents and the ability to create and manage quotes. Users can easily manage the Quosal platform and save time as it provides the capability to access all Quosal platforms. It supports accounting and administrative workflow. It automates quoting and proposal input and output processes. Here are a few other key features of this app:

  • Manages product catalogues for platform applications
  • Creates integration for PSA, CRM and accounting
  • Compatible on any browser
  • Fast and easy mobile application

Loan Calc: Loan calculator app is the smart choice for any kind of businesses; most businesses require financial help at some point. The loan calculator app helps in calculating component, interest rates and variables of various business loans such as venture capitalist loans, cash loans uk etc. This app assists business owners by comparing interest rates directly on your phone. Here are a few other key features of this app:

  • Provides accurate estimates for business transactions
  • Compares different loans
  • Figure out current interest rates
  • Saves result for prospective references
  • Information on financing resources

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