Buying Guide: The best Valentine’s Day tech for singles

Buying Guide: The best Valentine's Day tech for singles

Valentine’s Day is generally a holiday for people who are in relationships to pat themselves and their partners on the back, and for people who aren’t in relationships to feel bored and silly.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though – and even if it is, you can try to make sure you’re not alone come next year.

Either way, single people need to treat themselves too, and these six gadgets will either help you stay sane on V-Day or find a partner for next year.

1. Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Microbrewery System

Get it at: ($54.95), (gold edition only – £84.99)

By yourself on Valentine’s Day? You might as well get drunk! And that’s way more fun if you’re drinking something you brewed yourself.

Mr. Beer’s home-brewing kits are pretty basic, true, but if the Amazon user reviews are to be believed then this kit really is all you need to get started brewing beer in your kitchen.

mr. beer

It’s an all-in-one kit, so everything you need – including some basic beer mixes – is included. And when you’re feeling confident you can start getting more advanced ingredients and mix and match recipes.

Oh, and they have hard cider kits too, if that’s more your speed. Just don’t enjoy your beer too much, or you might be trying to meet people at Alcoholics Anonymous next year.

2. Vizio S4251W-B4 5.1 surround sound soundbar

Get it at: ($299.99)

What better way to forget you’re single than to immerse yourself in a comforting cocoon of surround sound? Plus if you do hook up with someone, movie night will be even better.

This 42-inch Vizio soundbar has some awesome features that make it easy to recommend, including 5.1 surround sound.

vizio soundbar

The rear speakers connect to a wireless subwoofer, so you won’t have cords running around your living room.

You can even use the Vizio S4251w-B4 as a simple Bluetooth speaker to connect your phone to wirelessly in the event you have a party or just want to listen to some tunes.

3. Fitbit Flex

Get it at: ($99.99), (£79.99), (AU$129.95)

Whether you want to get fit for yourself or so that your in shape for outings when you find an s/o, it can’t hurt to have a little help.

We’ve recommended the Fitbit Flex before, and that’s because it’s basically the ultimate high tech fitness wearable. It’s packed with features and has a subtle enough form factor to be worn anywhere.

fitbit flex

The Flex tracks your steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned during the day. Then it tracks how long and how well you slept, and wakes you up with a gentle buzz that won’t wake your partner up (when you find one – future proof!).

And it hooks up to your smartphone, where you can see all your stats.

4. Rocksmith 2014

Get it at: ($79.99), (£44), (AU$59)

Admit it: you’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar. You think it will make you cooler, and whether or not that’s true, it will at least give you the confidence to finally sign up for an eHarmony account.

If you have an Xbox 360, a PS3, or a computer – any computer – Ubisoft’s Rocksmith 2014 can help you achieve that dream.


Using an included USB cord and any electric guitar, you can engage in interactive guitar lessons, mini games, jam sessions, and more features designed to teach you how to shred.

Developer Ubisoft calls it "the fastest way to learn guitar," and the program’s website is plastered with endorsements from big name bands and artists.

5. Philips Norelco QT4070 vacuum hair trimmer

Get it at: ($59.99), (QT4090 only – £47.20)

Yeah, we’re going there.

Maybe the reason you haven’t found a mate to spend this Valentine’s Day with is because your beard, underarm or leg hair is downright unruly. Or maybe you’re covered in copious amounts of hair … elsewhere.

norelco trimmer

Everyone – girl or guy – should have a high tech hair trimmer like the Norelco QT4070 at hand for emergencies at the very least.

In addition to all the usual trappings, the QT4070 has one extra special feature: a built-in vacuum that sucks up your unwanted hair as you scrape it away from your flesh.

So you can use it before a date and your bathroom will still be clean – you know, just in case.

6. Google Now

Get it at: the Apple App Store (free), App Store UK (free), App Store AU (free)

Sour news for Android users: you already have Google Now, and you have no excuse for missing all those appointments, birthdays and anniversaries. No wonder you’re single!

We kid.

Jokes aside, the iPhone users out there may not even know that they have this tool at their disposal.

google now

If you’re on iOS, download the Google Search app and you’ll get more than just a blank search bar. This app also houses Google Now, the service that’s designed to anticipate your needs before you even know you need them.

Have an appointment in your calendar? Google Now will send you traffic updates. Booked a flight three weeks ago? It remembers and gives you the relevant info.

If nothing else, Google Now might help you get your life together so you don’t have to check this list again next year on Valentine’s Day.

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