Case Logic Portable Hard Drive Case EHDC-101 Review

Product by:
Abhay Bajaj

Reviewed by:
On April 2, 2013
Last modified:September 18, 2013


Its a great case keeping in mind its great design and the safety if adds to the hard drive.

In these days, digital data and information is one of the most important things and one can not afford to lose their backups. This makes it necessary for you to take good care of your storage devices. Today we’ll be having a closer look at what the Case Logic Portable Hard Drive Case EHDC-101 has to offer, and how it solve the purpose of keeping your storage drive safe at all times.


This Case Logic case has been designed to be compatible with most popular 2.5 inch portable hard drives. The durable EVA molded and ribbed exterior protects your valuable data. The compact and slimline case protects your device on its own or in your favourite bag. Inside the case there are elastic straps that secure your hard drive firmly inside. The case has a dedicated section for storing a USB cable for connecting your hard drive to a computer or media player.

With so much to offer at a price of only $9.95, we think that the Case Logic Portable Hard Drive Case  is a good choice and which surely keep your hard disk safe at all times and will protect it from bumps and scratches.

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