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Cyber War: You vs. Malware – How to Emerge as a Winner?

Security is in constant evolution. Just as cyber criminals raise their standards higher and on a regular basis, so do software vendors improve the

Essential Tools for Android App Development

It has been well publicized that apps for the Android marketplace are being produced quicker and in higher volume than for any other platform,

Developing For iOS – 5 Must Have Programs

Welcome to the exciting world of iOS development.  Chances are, you are proficient in Objective C, have extensive SQL training, know all the elements

CloudMagic: Personalized Google Search for Cloud Data

With all these cloud services coming up for different purposes, data is scattered all around your accounts and it is hard to remember what

Temple Run Brave Reviewed

Temple Run Brave, a successor of the much popular Temple Run is a game developed by Walt Disney, in partnership with the makers of

Angry Birds Star Wars:The force is strong with Rovio!

Just when you think Rovio Games can’t ant better or creative,they do. Recently there were pictures floating around on Tumblr about a new mashup

Skype 6 now available for Mac and Windows

An upgrade was released for the widely used telecommunication client Skype earlier this week for Windows as well as OSX. The upgrade packs in

Business Apps for Money Management

There are a vast number of mobile applications that are meant for managing various business related issues; these business apps allow you to track