CES 2014: Valve announces 13 Steam Machine partners, Alienware among them

CES 2014: Valve announces 13 Steam Machine partners, Alienware among them

Valve Steam Machine’s big moment at arrived atop the Palms Casino at CES 2014.

"So this has been a great year for the PC," declared Valve Co-Founder Gabe Newell at an intimate press event here.

Indeed. 2013-2014 has seen the unveiling of Valve’s Steam Machine console concept and prototype, SteamOS beta and the Steam Controller. Tonight, Newell officially unveiled 13 hardware manufacturers that are building their very own Steam Machines.

"Today we’re taking the next step," Newell said after running through the company’s Linux-to-the-living-room accomplishments. "The next step is to say there are another bunch of hardware manufacturers who are also going to be introducing Steam Machines."

Who is making a Steam Machine?

Alienware was a late addition to Valve’s Steam Machine party, and one of the few devices not to have a price or some specs attached to it.

Ooo Steamy

Alternate, Cyberpower, Falcon Northwest, iBuyPower, Next Spa, Scan, Digital Storm, Gigabyte, Materiel.net, Origin PC, Web Hallen and Zotac rounded out the dozen other hardware makers building devices that plug into SteamOS.

Newell noted that the specs of all the Steam Machines varied greatly from the low to high end, something Valve would be the case when the initiative was first announced.

The company plans to sell its Steam Controllers separately, though manufacturers will be able to produce their own.

More to come…