CloudMagic: Personalized Google Search for Cloud Data

With all these cloud services coming up for different purposes, data is scattered all around your accounts and it is hard to remember what is uploaded/present where. Be it that important email somebody sent you or a Photo you forgot after seeing online on somebody’s Facebook page-CloudMagic remembers it for you. Well,almost. It searches through all your accounts lightning fast and displays all the results containing keywords.

The service, which started back in 2010 as a browser extension for faster Gmail search, later expanded to iOS and Android, and added support for additional services like Google Docs, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and Twitter. Today, CloudMagic is getting a major overhaul with the debut of version 2.0. The update introduces a complete redesign, the launch of its iPad app, and the addition of several more services, including Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, iCloud, AOL,, GMX, and Office 365.

Despite the speed and utility it offers, CloudMagic on mobile has only seen limited adoption — 100,000 mobile downloads since its launch in the beginning of the year. That’s not exactly explosive growth, even though this group of users is highly engaged. But things could look up with the new release. (Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. I’ll throw things if this app disappears.) With the update, CloudMagic’s search engine results have been revamped to show full tweets, mail previews show more content, duplicate messages have been removed, and email threading support has been added. Plus, you can now download attachments and forward emails as well as reply, essentially making CloudMagic an email client.

The new app is available for iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and now iPad here. The company is now looking into possible monetization strategies, which may include tiered levels of service. According to me it’s a must have app especially if you’re an advanced user and in sync with the latest technologies.