Cyber War: You vs. Malware – How to Emerge as a Winner?

Cyber war : You Vs Malware

Security is in constant evolution. Just as cyber criminals raise their standards higher and on a regular basis, so do software vendors improve the quality of protection we, users, can use against malware. PC virus prevention  is a necessity in our generation where nearly every task can be performed through its technological counterpart.

The leisure these counterparts grant us have made us extremely dependent on them, so much so that their absence will make life difficult for us. Unfortunately, the same technology that is truly ‘man’s fast friend’ is also the number one weapon criminals use against us. Worse, even children and adolescents with adequate knowledge in computer manipulation can turn modern technology against us rather than for us.

The drawbacks that shadow the benefits of computers do not end there. The internet makes it easier for strangers to bridge geological gaps and connect with one another, whether for good or bad. If you are an internet user, you are already part of that circuit, and just as much as you can cause damage can you also be a victim.

In the midst of all these facts, it is still possible for you to guard yourself against cyber attacks through correct computer usage and sufficient awareness.

Computers have immune systems too

Men and machine are more similar than you may think. There exist built-in programs in your computer that serves as its first line of defense. So you aren’t really helpless until you own antivirus software – your immunity is simply reinforced when you avail one.

You may have noticed that an infected computer has a firewall that cannot, or is hard to, turn on again, a Windows Registry Editor that is disabled, and a task manager that is impossible to access. Malware assault these programs first because they are what alert the user of an infection.

Firewalls, especially, are responsible for filtering the data that your computer downloads and uploads.

Your ultimate computer virus protector: the antivirus

You will never be in lack of good options for an antivirus; hence the challenge is for you to find the right one that will suite your online activities. Are you the type who constantly downloads games, songs, movies, and similar files? Then you will need the powers of a strong antivirus, because most malware attach themselves to downloadable files to penetrate computers.

Why should you pour this much attention to malware?

Cyber criminals  use viruses, worms, and rootkits to hack your computer and do further damage. Among them are a number of thefts, including your identity, your financial information, and your personal files.

The revelation that hackers can turn on others’ web cameras is what woke the masses to the true severity of cyber crimes.  Lack of experience or skill is not an excuse to don poor computer security. Some avail as many antivirus software as they can manage.

When you do own an antivirus makes sure that you update it regularly. Malware   develops into something more harmful and affects various identities. If your antivirus cannot recognize a threat, it cannot act accordingly, and you would be put at risk.

Your confidentiality plays a big role

How certain are you that your password is strong and that no close acquaintance can easily guess it? Part of your confidentiality is creating strong passwords  for your accounts and keeping those passwords safe in the confines of your brain. Don’t even think of sharing it with other people, no matter how much you trust them, because once they have access to your accounts you might have trouble keeping total control of them.

Social networking sites, especially, are admonishing their members to be creative with their passwords and not to overuse them. Generate a minimum of eight to ten characters, mix numbers with letters, and complicate it through the use of lowercase and uppercase. Do this without drifting so far that even you will have trouble guessing it.

Try attaching the name of your favorite author to the name of a person you like, or the lyric of a song to your birthday.

You can benefit from staying offline

Unless you run a business online, you should disconnect from the internet after using it. Away from a computer that is still part of the internet traffic is vulnerable t undetectable attacks, because the computer is still absorbing data from the web.

Another fault that may cause problems afterwards is the assumption that once your browser is closed, you are automatically disconnected. You cannot be more wrong. Check your internet status before you leave your computer. Stop taking risks.