Essential Tools for Android App Development

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It has been well publicized that apps for the Android marketplace are being produced quicker and in higher volume than for any other platform, including iTunes.  The success of Android tablet devices and handsets is only set to make these numbers increase over the coming years. It is clear that there is a huge opportunity for developers to cash in on the popularity of Android apps. However, it is not going to be enough to just produce basic mobile apps in the hope of monetizing them, either by sales or through adverts featured on a free service.

Thankfully, there is a wide range of developer tools available that can help you to put together excellent Android apps. Here are some examples of the best of them.

Android Developer Tools

This is the obvious place to start, and why not? Android themselves gives developers a fantastic range of tools that will help you to come up with the perfect application, as well as monitor its performance on an on-going basis following release.

The Android developer tools, accessible through the Android website, are an excellent starting point for app development specialists.


Xamarin is a great tool for an Android developer who is also considering producing their app for iOS devices. This tool offers thousands of APIs so a developer can create bespoke apps for themselves of a client with consummate ease and efficiency.

Several of the world’s leading companies, including Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, use Xamarin for their Android app development.


The Appcelerator platform is ideal for developers who want to make their initial app design and subsequent development processes as streamlined as possible. As well as helping with the app build, Appcelerator can send your app to test groups and gather feedback on your behalf so that you can continue to tweak it before the full market launch.

Appcelerator is a community website with over 450,000 mobile developers collaborating. That is a wealth of knowledge that you would be crazy to miss the chance to take advantage of.


Although Scoreloop is a subsidiary company of BlackBerry, they offer an excellent software development kit, and is definitely the essential tool for anyone looking to develop an Android gaming solution.

As well as helping developers to put their app together, Scoreloop offers services aimed at getting your app as much exposure as possible so that your revenues reach incredible heights.


This tool is unique in that it was the app development industry’s first ‘real time’ content management system for easy building and development of apps. Flow can be excellent for developers who are experimenting with different styles of app, or who are looking to get an entry-level product quickly to the market and wow customers with enhanced updates and innovative features later.

Flow is also a good tool for developers who produce native apps for use in the workplace that may need many small but regular updates to be applied.

If you are an Android developer, there are hundreds of tools available online for you to discover and experiment with. Try out our suggestions to get you started; we would love to hear back about your experiences or any other app tools that you have discovered yourself.