Facebook’s newly updated News Feed brings back the boxed out look

Facebook's newly updated News Feed brings back the boxed out look

Facebook is rolling out a newly redesigned News Feed with a very familiar visual refresh.

The Social Network announced it’s updated the look for the News Feed so that the desktop and mobile versions look the same. As such all the news items are now separated into their own individual boxes with larger images.

The redesigned News Feed returns the Social Network to the boxed out look it tried with the complete overhaul from just two days shy of a year ago. Users hated it, almost universally in fact, and now its back again.

Unlike Facebook’s last go, it decided not to rearrange the layout and navigation. So everyone who disliked the way the social network previously moved the chat list to the left-hand side should be glad to hear it’s still in its proper right-side place.

Baby steps

In the same blog post Facebook quantified that the changes are simply visual, writing that it "do[es] not affect how we surface content to people, nor do they change how stories are ranked in News Feed."

"Though in the new design all images are larger, both organic stories and ads will be the same size — similar to the way images appear on mobile."

The changes are a bit underwhelming, but things have to move slowly when you have more than 1.19 billion users. Meanwhile, the Social Network has side loaded its bolder moves to the Creative Labs division, which recently released its first product called Paper.

Facebook said it’s rolling out the new design to a majority of members this month.

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