Galaxy Gear’s ‘real’ notifications boost may actually make it useful

Galaxy Gear's 'real' notifications boost may actually make it useful

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch has endured a rough time of it since its launch this autumn, after failing to sell smartphone users, or anyone else for that matter, on the real benefits of strapping one on.

Now there is hope, as an update to the Gear Manager app gives the device a shot making some headway, by bringing real notifications from any Android app, directly to the screen.

Prior to the update, users would only see they had a notification so would have to whip out their phone anyway. Now now they’ll see the full content of Facebook alerts, WhatsApp messages and everything else.

Thanks to v1.5.111304 of the Gear Manager app, owners will handily be able to select which apps send notifications to the watch and which don’t. Progress.

More appealing or less appalling?

To grab the update, Gear users should head to the Gear Manager app on their compatible Samsung smartphone and download the latest version from the Samsung App Store.

Does this, all of a sudden, make the Galaxy Gear a more appealing prospect for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Maybe now people will stop returning them to the stores in droves?