Galaxy S5 metal frame leaks suggest sturdier smartphone, bigger screen

Galaxy S5 metal frame leaks suggest sturdier smartphone, bigger screen

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been leaked so often and regularly by now that we’ve already developed a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like on the outside. Now there’s a new photo that shows showing off the Galaxy S5’s purported internal metal frame.

The latest leak comes to us by way of photos posted by The French tech site alleges Galaxy S5 will come with a metal interior frame for some much needed rigidity after a line of Samsung phones classically known for their chintzy, all-plastic bodies.

I like your body

Based on the frames measurements, 143.8mm (5.6inch) tall and 72.2mm (2.8inch) wide, the new Galaxy S5 could feature an even larger screen than the Galaxy S4’s 5-inch display.

Compared to the Galaxy S4’s dimensions, 136.6 x 69.8mm (5.38 x 2.75inches), the new metal frame is slightly longer. This could mean the Galaxy S5 will have a widescreen aspect ratio display.

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Images of this completely straight metal frame, however, do not match up with our renderings of a bending Galaxy S5, but it corroborates with our theory of it having metal accents.

What we know so far

The new shots are also just the latest in a long string of leaks and rumors.

We already have heard unsubstantiated reports that the Galaxy S5 will have an Eye Scanner as well as a 16-megapixel camera to watch you. Inside, the smartphone could also come packing one of the very first 64-bit chips for an Android system.

On top of all that, the Galaxy S5 supposedly will come with a 560ppi display as well. Again, we’re going take all of these specs with a grain of salt until we get more definite proof or see the whole phone assembled in a leaked image.

However, it look as if the Galaxy S5 is starting to shape up to be a much more interesting successor to the Galaxy S line than the S4 ever was.

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