GDC 2014: More dev tools made available because Sony hearts indie games

GDC 2014: More dev tools made available because Sony hearts indie games

Sony is continuing its support of independent game developers more than ever with its latest addition of dev tools and middleware.

PhyreEngine was announced during last year’s GDC and has proven to be a big hit among the dev community thanks to the easy integration with PSN, PS3 and PS4.

This year, Sony plans on providing extra support for the various PlayStation platforms – including the PS Vita – through GameMaker: Studio and MonoGame development tools.

14 PS4 games have already been self-published and over 100 games are in development at the moment with more and more interested parties signing up.

PS hearts devs

A ‘painless process’ – if you’ve got enough dough

Signing up to become a developer for Sony is apparently easy and extremely helpful if creating games has always been a dream of yours.

The three panelists basically touted the various engines they used in creating their games – Unity, PhyreEngine and MonoGame – as a difficulty process made much easier with help from Sony’s Indie outreach programs.


Along with marketing – where your game could be displayed as a banner on the PlayStation Network’s front page – to help from Sony’s engineers, indie devs are given a wide array of support.

A few requirements remain however; Brian Silva, Manager of Developer Relations at Sony, notes that incorporation is required “for your protection [and] the rights of your game” along with a static IP address to make sure devs don’t just sell SDKs.

The program seems to have a lot of support and with indie gaming on the rise on consoles, you’ll definitely see more titles on sale.

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