Here’s the first official image of Valve’s redesigned Steam Controller

Here's the first official image of Valve's redesigned Steam Controller

Valve announced in January that it had redesigned its unique Steam Controller, showing off the new version to its Steam Dev Days attendees.

The only pictures we got of the redesign came from smartphone snaps of a presentation screen, but today Valve has released the first official shot of the new Steam Controller.

It lacks the touchscreen that the original design had, but includes new physical buttons.

Valve said these changes were implemented thanks to feedback from beta testers.


It was reported back in January that Valve was also considering replacing the strange dual trackpads with actual analog sticks, but it looks like the touch controls are still around.

The old version featured four physical buttons arrayed around the touchscreen, but without that touchscreen the new Steam Controller has a more traditional layout.

There are four face buttons near the right trackpad, and physical directional buttons on the left.

The trackpads may work for some games, but fans of fighting games and 2D side-scrollers will no doubt appreciate the addition of those directional buttons.

The Steam Controller will launch with SteamOS and Steam Machines, likely later this year.

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