How To Download Free Music Online With Saga

Downloading music for free online is a big hassle. One has to spend a lot of time going through different links on the internet, some which lead to cash based URL shortening sites, others which are so full of advertisements you can’t locate the download button. The best solution available online to download free music is Saga – Free Music.


Saga is a one of a kind free music downloader where you just have to type the name of the song which you wish to download and hit enter. The song gets downloaded automatically to your computer in mp3 format. Unlike other music download sites, Saga does not give you an option to choose from the different tracks available. Instead, it find the best and closest match to the keyword you enter. This means that your song will start downloading automatically, regardless of spelling errors.

To download a track on Saga

1. Visit from your Desktop or Mobile Phone.

2. Enter the name of the song and hit enter

3. Sit back and relax

In the upcoming months, Saga claims to add functionality to select the quality of the song which is being downloaded. They also plan to launch mobile apps for Android, iOS as well as Windows Phone. In addition to this, a Chrome extension and Cloud library will also be introduced.