How To Use Technology To Expand Your Business

The ever-increasing technological advances make it easy for any business to run more efficiently and expand. In a recent survey performed by Dell and Intel, 77 percent of respondents credited their success to the use of technology. Additionally, 69 percent of startups and small business said they use technology daily in the operation of their business. Your company can also find ways to use technology to help you succeed. As long as you utilize everything to the fullest potential, you can find ways to boost productivity, increase profits, and expand your client or customer base without breaking your budget.


Build Efficiency

You can build your company’s efficiency through incorporating the latest technology. Between the cloud, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and other computer services, you can easily create a network where you can access anything from anywhere. This makes it easier to telecommute and go on business trips. Additionally, if you have a sales team, they can have access to all data while on sales pitches. Not only can they create a top-notch presentation, they will be able to personalize their pitch and find the answer to any questions without having to leave or call the office. If you digitize and organize all your files, you can easily and quickly find old data when needed. You can also use computer software to track productivity, including how time is spent, and organize and manage projects. If you utilize the current technology to the best of its ability, you can become a more efficient business, which will save you money and boost your profit margin.

Take your Business Online

The majority of customers now search for businesses online when they are looking for something. Therefore, you must have a strong website that entices people to choose you over your competitors. If you sell a product, then you should create an online store to help you expand your customer base. When considering offering your goods and services online, you can think outside the box. For example, if you specialize in print or media products, consider whether you should sell digital downloads of your products. More and more people are using tablets and smartphones for all media consumption, so offering digital versions of your media may increase your sales.

Marketing and Advertising

Regardless of the industry and focus, marketing and advertising is an essential aspect of any company. If your potential clients and customers do not know about you, then you will never get their business. Technology can create ways for you to expand your market and tell people about your company and products, even if you only work for a niche demographic. Having a strong website is not enough. You will also need to utilize social media and other sources of advertising. Advertising online is often much less expensive with a much larger geographic hit than traditional print advertising, helping your business to grow. It is also easier to target a particular demographic with your advertising, as well as tracking how well it is working.