HP Chromebook 11 with 4G LTE shows up at Best Buy

HP Chromebook 11 with 4G LTE shows up at Best Buy

Just because Google hasn’t officially announced the HP Chromebook 11 4G LTE release date doesn’t mean the cellular-capable laptop hasn’t stealthy launched, according to Best Buy.

The retailer confirmed to TechRadar that the 11.6-inch Chrome OS laptop is on its shelves in select stores (not online), and takes advantage of the Verizon’s LTE network when WiFi is out of range.

That comes at a price. The HP Chromebook 11 with 4G LTE costs $379 (likely £289, AU$476), which is significantly more than the WiFi-only model’s price of $279 (£229, AU$364).

Outside of the LTE chip, it has the same specs. An LED-backlit 1366 x 768 resolution display, a Samsung Exynos 5250 ARM processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB SSD internal storage.

Low-priced LTE Chromebook

Even though the HP Chromebook 11 with 4G LTE is more expensive than its WiFi counterpart, it’s still the cheapest Chrome OS laptop with an LTE chipset.

All other low-cost Chromebooks are either WiFi-only or 3G-enabled, whether you’re looking at the Acer C7, the Samsung Chromebook or the forthcoming Toshiba Chromebook.

Google’s own Chromebook Pixel does feature a LTE among its high-end specs, but it also costs $1,449 (about £886, AU$1,627). That’s certainly not on the low-end by any means.

The HP Chromebook 11 with 4G LTE is the only affordable Chromebook with a speedy LTE chip in town – or at least at Best Buy. But not for long.

Calls to Best Buy stores with availability indicated a limited supply, with many managers reporting as few as three left.

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