Incipio LGND Hardshell iPad Case Review

The Incipio LGND hardshell case is unique in its design by incorporating an oragami-esque folding system that allows you to bend your case for the optimal position. This can be a lower typing position for responding to emails or a raised position to watch your favourite films.


Battery life is precious, especially when you have left home without your charger. The Incipio LGND cover automatically puts your iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini into sleep once the cover is shut to conserve as much battery life as possible.

Designed to keep your iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini safe from damage the Incipio LGND uses magnets to give a much securer way of keeping your iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini safe and protected at all times.

The Incipio LGND has been designed to include a TPU  front cover that has been reinforced with internal rigid sheets. The iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini will then sit in a The Incipio LGND case that can be sure to hold the iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini and offer all round protection.

To top it off the finish is excellent with nubuck suede covering the front cover it gives a great feel in your hands and helps to look after the beautiful screen of the iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini

Recommended Accessory


This charger is strong and fast enough to work with all sorts of devices, ranging from smartphones, to cameras, to tablets.  You can rest assured that you will always be able to charge your favourite gadgets whilst you’re on the go!

The small and discreet design means that its easy to swap it between cars and it’s easily stored away for when you need to use it. Additionally, the charger is manufactured to the highest possible quality and includes reliable over-current/over-temperature/short-circuit protection when in use.