Internet Culture 101

Here is an xkcd comic,metaphorically depicting a map of online communities.Truly marvelous, and exciting for any netizen.

So, I presume you are one of those who have just started to explore the internet and found it more or less overwhelming – and big. Well, I know there are lot of reasons for this mostly which are the networking sites and pep talk.So if you wanna know all about how things go on the internet, this one is for you. I’m basically going to introduce you to websites and concepts which is for you to explore further.

Firstly keep in mind that the internet is nothing but what people make of it. Everything you see or experience tends to have a digital counterpart to enhance your everyday life. So everything you right now think the net needs,it probably already has it. You just need to explore!
The culture more or less can be compared to high schools – there are the popular ones, the jocks, the geeks, the nerds, the rockstars, the helpful-ones, the all-rounders, the failures and who not. Just the numbers are pretty damn high!

Lets start with the popular ones then.
Skipping Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook……..lets get to
StumbleUpon : Ever feel like reading something and something that would really interest you ? Try this. Register. Choose. And stumble! It would lead you to extraordinary places (usually) and help you get to know stuff that is really gonna be delightful or at least helpful.Lifehacker & MakeUseOf are also excellent repositories of articles.

While you’re doing this I also advise you to make a Delicious account and sync everything you bookmark while discovering the web. [which you should must]
Going through website you will probably encounter a lot of new terms many of which are mostly abbreviations : here is a list.Go through it!
Being in touch with the latest trends, make a Dropbox account. Its a cloud storage service which helps you keep your data on the net and sync it across your PC/Android/iOS/Blackberry device making it available from anywhere. It helps ,especially when you don’t have a habit of making backups.

If you even have the slightest interest in movies/tv-shows dont look at any other place but IMDb. If you think it isn’t good enough,try, its a good alternative.

Now let me introduce to you to the funny side of the internet which has many
aspects.Broadly there are these 3 types-
  1. The Memes
  2. The Webcomics
  3. And other random websites

Memes, a gift to the internet have being only growing and being popularized ever since their inception by online gamers. They are inexplicably efficient in conveying thoughts and experiences, and more importantly propagating them. For anythig more, click here. One of the most popular websites on memes is this 9gag. An Online wiki of memes is KnowYourMeme.

Next are the webcomics. These my be in form of infographics, random posts or full-fledged websites which are repositories of excellent stuff made by dedicated authors. Some of the most popular I would recommend are xkcdCyanide&Happiness or maybe just check out this list.
Next, the web humor is scattered over millions of website and more you explore, the more you get. One of the most popular of these are Uncyclopedia [parody of wikipedia] and  Cracked which are quite old too. College Humor,NotAlwaysRight & HappyPlace are some other such awesome websites.

For the more music enthusiasts out there, internet is the perfect place to find new music. You know its much better to get recommendations from music engines rather than friends who might have a totally different taste. And you can sample it too! Yes, most people use iTunes store but I think services like, or Spotify are much better alternatives and I as a user can guarantee that you wont be wasting your time there.

If you have even a little bit of artistic touch or interest, and are looking for inspiration- register at you will get an online worldwide community of artists {and people who call themselves artists} along with some extraordinary graphical stuff designed in a range of softwares ranging from Corel to Photoshop.
Then if you are some kind of professional or cult person : websites and imageboards like would really interest you and your passion.
I’m not a gaming pro, so for that I’ll redirect you to this.

I think that would be about all I can tell you.But hey, I’m sure there is more – and increasing every second. So just remember something Jobs once said:
‘Stay Hungry,Stay foolish’
And keep exploring!