iPhone 6 reported to go beyond 5-inches this June

iPhone 6 reported to go beyond 5-inches this June

A new report has surfaced claiming that Apple is preparing to launch not one, but two big screen iPhone 6 additions this June.

The Wall Street Journal alleges that the next iPhone revision two variants with one larger than 4.5 inches and another bigger than 5-inches, eliminating the 4-inch standard started by the iPhone 5.

Although slightly larger, both phones are said to share the same metal clad design as the iPhone 5S. Meanwhile, Apple will scrap the plastic iPhone 5C just a year after being introduced.

This is the second time we’ve heard of a 4.5+ inch iPhone 6 and last time it was locked in as a 4.8–inch model. This handset is purportedly further along in development and nearly prepped for mass production.

The larger handset, however, is a new addition that’s still in development but should be on track for release this year.

Game of screens

Apple is swinging to biggie-size phone screens partially to compete with larger handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG G2. However, the Journal reports the real reason is because big screens are popular in China, a multi-billion user market all smart device makers are eyeing.

Rumors and reports of bigger screens of Apple have been bubbling up and now they’ve begun boiling over to tablets. Beyond phones we’ve heard murmurings of a 13-inch iPad that will blur the line between tablets and ultrabooks.

It seems Apple will be going big at its mobile device unveiling later this June. We’re sure to hear more until then so keep watching this space.

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