Is Apple looking to improve Siri with an eye toward the iWatch?

Is Apple looking to improve Siri with an eye toward the iWatch?

Apple is currently hard at work getting Siri to play more nicely with third party apps, in part to prepare for the iWatch launch, a report says.

Tech site The Information claims in a story about apps and mobile search that Apple wants to enable Siri to do things like book reservations and send texts through third party apps without requiring Apple to work directly with those apps’ developers.

Siri is currently able to interface with apps like OpenTable and Wolfram Alpha, but Apple had to work directly with those developers to set the functionality up.

The improvements will make integrating non-Apple apps with Siri functionality easier and faster, potentially paving the way for the iWatch and its accompanying app ecosystem.

Google Now improving too?

Further evidence that Siri development is taking a turn toward an Apple smartwatch can be found in a feature that would allow the virtual personal assistant to bring specific apps to the forefront contextually.

For example Siri could hypothetically open Nike+ or RunKeeper if you start jogging, maximizing the efficiency of a small-screened device like the iWatch while requiring minimal direct interaction from users.

In addition Google is said to be working on beefing up Google Now’s interactions with third party apps as well, by creating an index of apps’ capabilities that the service could refer back to automatically.

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