Luxury Macbook Cases To Compliment Your Style

Evouni Non-Tear MacBook Air 11 Envelope

This unique non-tear envelope has been designed to replicate some postal envelopes – and it has a genuinely authentic look and feel to it. However, the material used is completely protected against rips and water, meaning that it is much stronger than your typical postal envelope!


The attention to detail can not be ignored with this case, with the edges carefully hand-sewn by a high quality leather string and finished with Italian buttons. The slimline nature of the case compliments your MacBook Air perfectly, and makes transportation extremely easy as it is neither heavy or bulky. Its soft Merino wool lining keeps your MacBook Air protected and gently brushes against it giving it an even shinier look than before it went into the case. This case speaks traditional elegance with a modern appeal.



Encase Ultrasuede MacBook Pro 15 Sleeve

The Wool Felt case from Encase will give padded, impact resistant protection to your MacBook Pro 15 whilst not in use. It provides a perfect fit for your device, meaning there will be no movement and no way it can slide out. Standing out from traditional cases, this ultrasuede case adds personality and style to your MacBook Pro.


The unique interior has a ‘pillow sleeve’ which keeps your MacBook Pro 15 kept firmly inside the case at all times. As this has been specifically designed for the MacBook Pro 15, a perfect fit can be guaranteed.