Make your Android look like a WP7 handset.

If you skipped the idea of buying a WP phone because of the lack of apps, limited customization, or due to the high cost of the good ones, you probably went for an Android instead. We know how that feels. But don’t be upset. You can get a feel of Windows on your Android too. Here’s how.

Launcher7 & Launcher WP8

Launcher 7 is probably the best WP7 launcher available for Android. It is as close to Metro UI as possible. It comes in both free and ad-free versions. The name of the developer is Timo Kujala, just so that you don’t download a wrong one. It offers extreme customization and doesn’t lag, unlike most other cheap copies.

Here’s a screen shot. If you buy the donate version,  you get rid of the pesky ads and you also get some cool icons. If you are looking for a Windows Phone 8 launcher, we have something for you too. Launcher WP8. It does claim to be a WP8 launcher, but frankly, it isn’t as good as Launcher7. But if you strictly want WP8 like interface, this is your thing. It is a full fledged launcher. The app drawer is almost like the one in Launcher7. Also, it offers far more icons than Launcher7, including those for MS Office, Zune, Evernote etc. It is not at all bad, but yes, not subtle enough.

Here’s a screenshot.

I know this one is hideous. But you can change the color of the background (turn it to black, as most of you will). I put this one up because this is how it will look when you first turn it on. Trust me, it will look good once you customize it enough.

Music Player

We have 2 contenders here too. Instamusic and ZPlayer viz. Instamusic is free, while you’ll have to shed some money for ZPlayer. ZPlayer has its own benefits, though. If you have one of these running, anyone will mistake them for Zune. InstaMusic is quite laggish as compared to ZPlayer, which is slick and fast. I recommend ZPlayer, but if you are looking for something free, go for InstaMusic. It’s not so bad either.

Here are screen shots of the two.




This is not exactly better than Android’s own stuff, just that it gives completeness to your theme. WP7Contact Lite. 


One word – Messaging 7.

P.S Omkar Deshmukh is the name of the developer.


 Seven+ Calculator


App – Photo Safari (Not recommended at all!!)

That’s all we’ve got. If you’d like to share anything with us, write to us.