Near Field Communication

I’m sure you’ve come across many mobile devices possessing the NFC or Near Field Communication feature but you don’t know what it means. What it NFC, how does it work and its applications are some of the questions to which you will find answers to in our today’s article.

As the name suggests, Near Field Communication is nothing but a technology with which nearby devices ( a few centimeters away ) can communicate with each other to make contactless transactions, launch applications or do specified tasks like sending messages, or transferring data between two NFC enabled devices. It can be compared to bluetooth. Although it operates at much lower speeds than bluetooth, the power consumption is negligible. Furthermore, NFC technology does not require devices to be paired which makes tasks faster and easier.

Its key benefits include :

  • Intuitive
  • Versatile
  • Open and standards – based
  • Technology enabling
  • Inherently secure
  • Inter operable
  • Security Ready

It has the power to bring simplicity and convenience to be persons daily life. Following are some of its applications

Station/Airport : Gate pass, get information from poster, pay bu/taxi fare
Vehicle : Adjust seat position, open door, pay parking fee, sent automated message
Office : Exchange business cards, log into PC
Store/Restaurant : Pay by credit card,  get loyalty points, use discount coupons
Theater/Stadium : Entrance Pass, get event information
Others : Lock phone remotely, check usage history, download ticket
NFC has an extremely bright future and can have infinitely many applications based on the routine of a person.