New PS3 Arrives with Smaller and Lighter Console

Sony unveiled this week at the Tokyo Game Show, three new versions of the Playstation 3 which are said to be smaller and lighter than the previous generation consoles. We were eagerly awaiting the launch of the PS4 ( or the Orbis, as some might say ), but Sony conveys through this launch there’s still time.

ps3 slimmer

The three new variants, which will be the 250GB, 500GB and the 12GB SSD ‘pocket friendly’ version will be available in the coming weeks. Sony will also be releasing an external secure drive which can be hooked up with the SSD variant and can be used as an external storage, although the cost of official hardware is usually quite high. The 250GB version will come bundled with Fifa 13.

According to Sony, the new Playstation’s weight has been cut down to almost half of the original 60GB variant, with the company explaining that it has “completely redesigned the internal design architecture”. Its also between 20-25 percent lighter than the current PS3. There is also a sliding disk cover which is said to save space. To tie in with this launch, the PlayStation Store for PS3 is also set to get a new look in October 12, making it even easier to find and download content directly to the system.

As far as the pricing is concerned, the 500GB version will be priced at approx. $380 USD, while the 12GB variant will made available for about $300 USD. Set to launch on September 28, the new upgrade with its pocket efficient variants and eye-catching design is surely bound to get a lot of love by gamers.