Ouch, GDC poll reveals only 4% of game developers care about the Wii U

Ouch, GDC poll reveals only 4% of game developers care about the Wii U

The 2014 Game Developers Conference is about a month away and the organizers have released the results of an industry poll where it looks like the Wii U isn’t looking so hot.

Only 4% of game developers stated that they had games intended for a Wii U release, and again, only 4% have games currently in production.

To be fair, the GDC organizers noted that only a little over 2,600 people who attended GDC 2013 or previous dev conferences were polled.

But the numbers still provide a decent glimpse into the developer world by revealing interesting trends – namely that PC, and smartphone and tablet gaming seem to hold the highest interest.

Let the numbers do the talking

51% of devs surveyed plan to make their next game for mobile devices, while 52% anticipate releasing their next game on PCs and Macs.

These numbers are higher than the 20% of intended releases for the PlayStation 4 and 17% for the Xbox One.

Games currently in the works reflect the same trend: 14% of devs are working on games for the PS4 right now, with 12% for the Xbox One and 53% are working on PC and Mac titles with 52% for mobile devices.

Does this mean we can expect to see more games coming out for the PC and mobile in 2014? Probably, considering those are the platforms indie devs gravitate towards, while triple A titles for consoles are dished out by larger companies – but see a greater time gap between each release.

Regardless, we’re hoping to hear about more games for all platforms at the upcoming GDC in March.

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