Ouya’s biggest update yet has new UI and external storage for all

Ouya's biggest update yet has new UI and external storage for all

The Ouya has received an update with a new user interface and several other changes that the company said were requested by users.

Dubbed "Abominable Snowman," it’s the biggest update the living room Android game console has received since its launch earlier this year, according Ouya’s announcement.

The console’s new-and-improved UI "provides more intuitive, visually appealing design and enables developers to more effectively feature their games," the company said.

And the ability to use external storage like USB drives with the console has moved from closed beta to open beta, now available for all Ouya owners to try.

Bigfoot’s paler cousin

One important change in the Abominable Snowman update is that double-tapping the controller’s Ouya button now calls up a system menu rather than automatically exiting a game or app.

It also added support for incremental updates, ensuring future updates can arrive more frequently.

And developers can now create links that allow you to download games to your Ouya from the web.

For the full rundown of every change in the latest Ouya update, head to the company’s official site.

  • A new limited edition Ouya console is dressed up all in white and packs two times the storage