Possible PlayStation Now rental pricing hits the web

Possible PlayStation Now rental pricing hits the web

PlayStation Now should be coming to a PS4 and PS3 near you some time this year and to Europe much later, but pricing hasn’t been released yet … until now?

It seems like the Gaikai website has unofficially outed the PS Now rental game prices – though the photo has been taken down and replaced with the one above.

Earlier it was noted that rental streams of Far Cry 3 would cost $5.99 (about £3.60, AU$6.64) and Uncharted 3, $4.99 (about £3.00, AU$5.53).

These seem to be reasonable pricing points but since the image may have been a filler for the site, expect them to change closer to the official release date.

When do we want it? Now!

PS Now beta testing began a couple months ago with leaks of the service already springing – and being plugged faster than you can blink.

However, you can check out our video with Matt Harper, Senior Manager of PlayStation Digital below to give you a better idea of how streaming rental games works.

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVMC6y1j2e8

  • We’re also hoping to Sony will have more to say about PlayStation Now during GDC 2014.