Rdio, Crackle, VUDU cast away with Chromecast support

Rdio, Crackle, VUDU cast away with Chromecast support

Google’s inexpensive HDMI dongle is getting a little more useful today, thanks to the arrival of support from three popular streaming media services that now allow casting on the cheap to an HDTV.

Google’s Chrome apps web page has been updated today with the addition of two new services capable of being cast to the company’s $35 (UK£30, about AU$38) Chromecast, with a third stealthily enabling support thanks to weekend updates.

Streaming radio favorite Rdio separately announced Chromecast support, allowing listeners to cast songs, albums, stations and playlists to any HDMI-equipped television, thanks to a Monday update to the company’s free iOS and Android apps.

Ad-supported movie and TV show provider Crackle has also jumped into the Chromecast fray with its own updates on Monday, which also offer a number of UI navigation and video playback enhancements on both iOS and Android.

Chromecast voodoo

Although not officially recognized on the Chrome website, Walmart-owned US VOD rental and purchase provider VUDU also fired up Chromecast support over the weekend, thanks to updates across its website, iOS and Android platforms.

First teased on the company’s official blog earlier this month, Chromecast support allows VUDU fans to stream HDX-quality movie and television content without the need for a set-top box, even from a Chrome web browser on a desktop or laptop with the Google Cast extension installed.

Chromecast support also enables full control over the video playback and closed captions from mobile devices without missing a beat, even while multitasking in other apps at the same time.

Keep in mind that not all available VUDU content is eligible for Chromecast support due to studio licensing restrictions, so be sure to try another title if you don’t see the cast icon show up on your first attempt.

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