Redesigned HTC One 2 homescreen gets its turn in the leak spotlight

Redesigned HTC One 2 homescreen gets its turn in the leak spotlight

The HTC One 2 is all but confirmed, thanks to a veritable truckload of leaks from every corner of the internet.

Among the more prolific leakers has been none other than @evleaks, and today the Twitter tipster is back at it with an image that may reveal the forthcoming phone’s redesigned homescreen.

In characteristic fashion, evleaks has a short caption to accompany the pic, though this one may be one of its curtest: "M8" is all we have to go on to identify what this snap is showing us.

The overall design matches the scheme of HTC Blinkfeed, though the Flipboard-like tiles have been tweaked. The most notably change though are the virtual navigation buttons, a feature we’ve heard rumored before.


HTC One 2 in sight

Of course, this image is a leak from an anonymous internet source, so the final product could look very different from this find.

Images purporting to show the HTC One 2 leaked earlier today, and they don’t line-up with what evleaks is showing us. However, Blinkfeed can be disabled, so the earlier images may in fact be a look at what the standard screen looks like.

The HTC M8 (internal codename for the One 2), should be here in the coming weeks, either at this month’s MWC or during a late March event.

Unfortunately for HTC and those who like surprises, if bits and pieces of the new HTC One keep appearing the way they have been, there may not be too much to get excited about when it’s finally revealed.

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