Samsung may reveal its first 2K ultra HD phone at MWC in February

Samsung may reveal its first 2K ultra HD phone at MWC in February

It’s been a week since we heard any murmurings about the Samsung Galaxy S5 and right on cue, the South Korean media says we’ll see the first over 1080p resolution phone at Mobile World Congress.

The Galaxy smartphone maker is rumored to unveil its first QHD device with a 2560×1440 resolution at Mobile World Congress 2014, according to ZDNet Korea. The reports don’t specifically label this QHD device as the Galaxy S5, but it’s unlikely this screen will make its way into something other than Samsung’s flagship phone.

According to the Korean media’s sources, Samsung’s ultra HD screened phone will also feature an iris verification system that scans user’s eyes as a security measure. The pairing of this retinal scanner and the ultra HD strongly suggests the phone in question is the long rumored Galaxy S5.

In another connected report from ET News, another Korean new affiliate, suggested the world would see a Galaxy S5 launch by March or April. Connecting all the dots it would make sense, especially given the Galaxy S4 rolled onto shelves a month after it’s original unveiling.

Are the rumors true?

After months of rumors and speculation, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting handset’s we’ve seen in a very long time. If the rumors are true.

Besides it’s ultra HD screen the Samsung Galaxy S5 is speculated to come packing a 2.5GHz processor that’s also the first 64-bit part ever for an Android smartphone. In another first, the 5.5-inch device has 4GB of RAM, the most ever seen on a mobile device.

Again, there are still too many rumors flying around to not take many of these reports with a grain of salt. Much like a unicorn, we’ll believe it when we see it – and luckily we won’t have to wait very long with MWC 2014 just around the year’s corner starting from February 24 to the 27.

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