Samsung shuffles its camera division under smartphones

Samsung shuffles its camera division under smartphones

After creating smartphone-camera hybrid oddities such as the Samsung Galaxy NX and S4 Zoom, it seems the Korean electronics maker is doubling down by placing its camera division under the guiding wing of its Mobile division.

Samsung Electronics announced it would be integrating its Digital Imaging Business Division, which is in charge of cameras, with the Wireless Business Division. Korea IT News reports, the Galaxy phones maker hopes this move will create synergies between the two divisions in bid to capture the largest share of the global mirrorless camera market in 2015.

Samsung expects the mobile segment will share its knowhow to create better, wirelessly connected digital cameras. Like all partnerships that go both ways, there are also hopes this mash up will help "differentiate" its smartphones with better cameras.

Adapt or die

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For years Samsung has mainly been pitching its Galaxy S line in direct competition with the iPhone. Meanwhile, the rest of the smartphone world caught up with phones that were just as impressive like the LG G2 and HTC One while the two giants duked it out.

This latest move is a smart one, for sure, and builds on what the company has already done with its smartphone-camera amalgamations.

Samsung only needs to look towards Nokia for a somewhat successful example of what doubling down on better cameras can do. Only time will tell if this corporate mini-restructuring will dramatically improve the quality of smartphone cameras for the Android market or creates a whole new line of smart and connected cameras.

We doubt we’ll see any new products come out of this closer partnership until Photokina, the big photo gear show in September. But the tech industry has always held surprises before and we’ll snap up anything we see at CES 2014 and Mobile World Congress.

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