Samsung slams Galaxy S5 delay rumours as ‘groundless’

Samsung slams Galaxy S5 delay rumours as 'groundless'

Anyone who’s pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy S5 may be concerned about their phone arriving late after Korean sources suggested issues with the phone’s production.

According to ETNews the problem isn’t with Samsung’s own production line, but rather the firm that supplies the 16MP camera module for the Galaxy S5.

It’s apparently having difficultly maintaining the quality of the camera lens production, leading to a shortage of units being sent over to Samsung.

No delays expected

Samsung has quashed any fears that the April 11 Galaxy S5 release date may be doubt though, dismissing the claims of production issues.

A Samsung spokesperson told TechRadar: "we do not expect any delays of Galaxy S5 production. The rumour is groundless."

So there you have it – the Galaxy S5 is still set to roll out to 150 countries on April 11. Will you be picking one up or have you got your eye on the Sony Xperia Z2 or all new HTC One?

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