Samsung’s next 10.1-inch tablet set to go octa-core with super hi-res display

Samsung's next 10.1-inch tablet set to go octa-core with super hi-res display

Samsung’s next 10.1-inch tablet could be its most impressive yet, if the latest benchmarking reports prove to be accurate.

The tablet, which is said to go by the model name SM-T520, was reportedly shown to have a super hi-res 2650 x 1600 display and the company’s octa-core Exynos 5420 processor.

That bigLITTLE architecture deploys four high-power cores and four more to take care of less important tasks. While it’s not true octa-core in terms of having all eight chips firing on all cylinders, the system on a chip does dramatically improve efficiency.

According to AtTuTu’s benchmarking report, the SM-T520 will also boast 2GB of RAM and up to 32GB of internal storage.

Note’s for show, Tabs for a Pro?

It’s not yet entirely clear where the SM-T520 will sit within Samsung’s complex naming conventions, but recent reports have suggested it’ll be called the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pro.

Those specs would certainly befit the ‘Pro’ suffix and would likely represent Samsung’s best shot at rivalling the iPad Air in 2014.

It now seems likely that Samsung will lift the lid on its new slate at Mobile World Congress in February where, rumour has it, the Galaxy S5 will make an earlier-than-expected debut.