Samsung’s Windows Phone 8.1 ‘Huron’ phone leaks in the flesh

Samsung's Windows Phone 8.1 'Huron' phone leaks in the flesh

Samsung’s rumored Windows Phone handset just can’t stay out of the spotlight – and now there’s finally a picture to back up its confidence.

The photo above was tweeted by @evleaks, the same tipster who just yesterday outed the phone’s supposed code name, "Huron," and said it will be carried by Verizon.

The leaker also said the Samsung SM-W750V, or Samsung Huron, resembles a Galaxy S phone, and if this picture is legit then that appears to be accurate.

There’s one small difference, of course, and that’s the Windows button near the bottom.

Galaxy W

Other than that, yes – it looks just like a Galaxy S4, with similar-looking volume and lock/power buttons on the sides, and a similar shape and layout overall.

The body also appears to be plastic, just like Samsung’s Galaxy phones.

But with the Galaxy line so closely associated with Android, could Samsung get away with Slapping "Galaxy" on a Windows Phone handset?

The smartphone’s final name is currently unknown, but "Galaxy W" does sort of have a ring to it.

See you at MWC (hopefully)

The gadget website T3 says the Samsung Huron will sport a quad-core Snapdragon CPU and an Adreno 305 GPU, information it attributes to evleaks.

Beyond that nothing else is known about the phone.

We’re expecting to see it at MWC 2014, along with the Galaxy S5 and Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone.

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