SFI – Aim High. Dream Big.

Strong Future International Marketing Group, better know as SFI was launched in 1998 with a single product catering to the US market. Today, SFI has over 48,000 products which are sold in more than 190 countries around the world. Pretty Impressive. Lets have a look at what they actually do.

SFI owns an online store by the name of TripleClicks. Tripleclicks has over 48000 products, and new added daily which are available to people worldwide. SFI creates self-employment opputunities by allowing anyone with a computer and internet access to tap into the world e-commerce revolution. Its free to sign up.

Basically, SFI employs people, also known as affiliates to market their products. On successful direct sales, the affiliates receive 45% of the commission volume of the particular products. Not only that, the affiliates can refer people to join SFI and become their Sponsors. So, they receive an additional 15% commission of their sales.
SFI also provides a lot of helpful training lessons, sales concepts, marketing tips and more all free of cost.

SFI is now in its 13th year and has successful history with millions of dollars of annual sales and millions paid to thousands of affiliates accross the globe.
If you are looking for business opputunities,  want to improve your standard of living or if just want to spend your time to start something new, I strongly recommend you to register here and make your way to earning a couple of thousand dollars a month.