Shop Black Friday with Bitcoin, which is now a lot more valuable

Shop Black Friday with Bitcoin, which is now a lot more valuable

On Black Friday, retailers around the world will be happy to take your money in all forms: cash, credit, Google Wallet, monopoly bucks and now Bitcoins.

Bitcoin users will be able to purchase marked down gifts and killer deals for themselves using their encrypted digital currency.

To help encourage the free flow of digital currency, a new site called Bitcoin Friday has popped up to aggregate all the post-Thanksgiving deals that take Bitcoins.

The deals listed on the webpage include everything from Humble Bundled mobile games, web hosting, unlocked phones from GSM nation, to orders for farm-direct tea leaves. It’s all a bit random, but that’s to be expected for a web currency still in the infancy of creating its own economy.

A fistful of Bitcoins

Bitcoins have been on a roll as of late despite some recent controversy over two large seizures connected to drug laundering and the Silk Road black market.

Wired has even noted that the digital currency topped out its real-world value of over $1,000 for the first time ever.

As of November 27 at 7:25 am PT, Bitcoins were trading at $1,041 on Mt. Gox, one of the world’s most prominent Bitcoin exchanges. Not too shabby considering the fledging digital currency was worth less than ten bucks just 11 months ago.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin currency has seen more adoption around the world this year. In the last month Canadian ATMs began dispensing Bitcoins and a university in Cyprus is officially accepting Bitcoin for tuition.

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